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July 11th, 2010

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Since I know nobody probably really gives a damn about my journals and where I am so conscious about flooding friends pages with walls of text, I'm putting this behind a cut because, well . . . long post is long . . . )

November 7th, 2009

Stuffage. @ 11:44 pm

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So it came down to a vote and the fear-mongers won. Through false ads and preying on the weak of minds (that and religion pandering to the faithful to uphold the laws of an ancient book written for a different audience as they see fit) Maine voted to overturn the governor's bill to allow same sex marriages. It was heartbreaking to see how the flock got together and followed the words of one person like a blind man, accepting lies and ancient laws to sway their vote. At least Washington was smarter. They voted and passed the law to allow same sex couples to marry. The Vote No on One people are keeping their legal options open. Unfortunately one of the most outspoken for the Yes on One crowd is threatening to have the constitution of Maine amended making only heterosexual couples legally being able to marry. What baffled me the most is in '05 Maine voted to put homosexuality on the state constitution as being legally protected. TECHNICALLY this vote was null and void. Having it on the ballot to begin with was discriminating against homosexuals which would then be a law violation. Funny how the law works only when it's convenient. The second biggest Yes on One voice was the bishop of Maine for the Catholic Church. Makes me sad to see the hatred coming out of them. From special collections to fund Yes on One (if I had been going to church I would have passed the plate along and not given them one red cent.) Same with videos telling the faithful to vote yes because we all know that the Church knows all, sees all and does all and is the only right choice (makes me want to switch religions, trust me.) Especially after how smug Malone was on the victory and how quick he was to throw legality against the No on One camp when they just mentioned they still had other options to get the vote in their favor.

Sad, it really is. There was an article on MSNBC where they talked about California and Maine and why homosexuals lost. It had to do with false advertisements by the opposition. The lies they spread about "OMG if you let gays marry then your kindergartners will be taught about gay sex and indoctrinated into a gay lifestyle!!!" and the idiots bought it hook, line and sinker despite (in Maine's case,) the AG saying that if it had been kept on the books that there would be NO change to school curriculum and that homosexual behavior would not be forced on students. Yet the blind listened to the words of their leader and, like lemmings, found the edge of the cliff real fast while those with a sane mind stayed safe and sound on solid ground.

There's hope that it can be reversed without it becoming an issue with the supreme court. It's slight but at least hope. That and I hope the state fines NOM millions for their role in the lies and bigotry they spread for the campaign. All the loathing from the intolerants (mostly Catholics, Baptists and Protestants and the like. At least there were a few Catholics who voted no and the UU's banded together with a few other churches and even a synagogue to vote no. So it's not all religion, just some of them.) That and NOM failing to meet the state law of disclosing names and money amounts. They said it's unconstitutional and sued the State of Maine. If they don't want to play by the rules they should be made examples of. Sue them and make sure if other states try to pass pro gay marriage laws that those states know how underhanded NOM is and prevents them from doing even more damage.

And with my rant over (trust me, this has been percolating since the results came in Wednesday. When I went to bed around midnight we were just slightly ahead (meaning for the No side) but lost in the end) now comes the rest of the stuff.

NaNo is coming along a lot more smoothly than I had expected. I haven't touched WoW since NaNo started. So far I'm at 17k+ and I haven't even finished Chapter 2 yet. I have one more scene to go and Chapter Two will be done and I can move on to the next chapter. For those not in the know I'm translating and novelizing X3 this year (I think I mentioned it here but I'm not sure, the mind is a terrible thing to waste and right now mine's wasted, trust me . . . and not on anything legal or illegal, either, just sleep tired.) Whereas when I novelized X1 and included some details, descriptions and whatnot, it still fell short of 50k (my goal is that every novelization is at least 50k.) X2 was just to make up the last 11k I needed so that was just the bare bones of the game. Cyber Mission was never finished (though I did write enough to get 50k but that was it. It still isn't done.) Now we're onto X3 and it's going so smoothly it's scary. So yeah, translating as I write is seeming to help. I feel more confident in my translating skills so that's a bonus. However, I still need help. Here is the following bit of dialogue I'm still not too sure about.

はっ、いだいなる ドップラーはかせのために! !
haa, idainaru doppuraa hakase notameni!!
Yes, because of your greatness, Doctor Doppler!!

Mind you this was around 10ish when I was working on translating. The speaker is Byte. That's the best my mind could come up with a translation. Is it right, close, or so far off base it's not even on the radar. You more experienced translators can let me know.

Besides idiots at work (both managers, workers and customers,) things are the same. Nothing seems to change at that place except stress. And speaking of stress. For those also not in the know the full moon, besides bringing weirdos out of the woodwork, is also a power day. That power is so strong it starts three days before the full moon and lasts for three days after it. Well, the full moon was on the 2nd (give or take a few hours, I didn't look up the exact time it was full) so that meant from October 30th - November 5th was when the power was the greatest. Work was even more hellish than normal with everything going wrong and me ready to have a breakdown. But, once the 6th hit, it was like a huge weight was lifted and, even though there was stress, it wasn't enough to get me down. I guess this year the power of the full moon, at least where it was over Halloween, really could be felt, like it was real.

I'm just glad that's over. Hopefully things will be better for the next full moon.

Not sure if there was anything else. Too tired to type, think or, especially translate. I love spell checkers. They really do save my life ^^

November 2nd, 2009

To write or not to write. @ 09:58 pm

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Well, another November, another NaNo. Trying to fit in write-ins with no vehicle and not to be bored without a laptop (Axl, whereforeartthou?) So far I've done good. I figure go for something easy (and something I really should get back to working on and that's my novelization of the X games. So I decided yesterday to start translating AND writing X3 at the same time. I feel more confident now in my translating skills, that and I'm actually writing a lot more than I thought I would.

Which is pretty good considering crafting season is gearing up, all that's gone on this summer, all that needs to go on as soon as possible and everything else. Mum says she'll start working on something later on. For me it's not to prove I can write, I know I can, it's to actually get myself to write something (and, yes, stay away from WoW. Even though we're in a mini event I finished it with only three characters on Borean. I didn't even bother going into the game today to do the rest of Borean and my main two on Cairne. Sure I'll pop in from time to time but at least it doesn't seem to be the only thing to help me with stress at work (and yeah, it's still stressful.)

Other than that, not too much. The same old-same old. Well, except for finding the EXACT SAME SNOWMAN MOLD I USE TO MAKE MY CANDY sold by (I think) momandpop(s)candy?.com for four times what I charge for one.

That reminds me. I need to get online and see what prices AC Moore has for the candy melts (my source for great candy) and see if they've gone up in price any. I still have a lot left over from the previous season (candy melts last for upwards of three years if kept in ideal conditions and molded candy lasts for upwards of two years, one if it has any kind of filling in it.)

October 20th, 2009

Maine has a chance . . . @ 05:24 pm

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Figured I might as well post this seperately since I came across something very, very good. First the quote:

"On 10/19/09 at 9:23 AM, ConvivialVisits wrote:

Standing for fairness and equality under our laws is what good people across America have done for hundreds of years. And throughout our history, naysayers and pessimists have been with us, every step of the way, predicting doom and destruction for whatever expansion of rights, inclusion of groups, or extension of protections has been debated.

They have consistently failed in their efforts to exclude citizens from the table of rights and responsibilities mature adults enjoy. And we have consistently failed to disintegrate as a country. It failed to happen in 1865, it failed to happen in 1920, it failed to happen in 1967, it failed to happen in 1968, it failed to happen in 1973, it failed to happen in 2003, and it will fail to happen when same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.

I see all of the negative energy being spent on these message boards, condemning a people who are only asking to be treated fairly and justly under our laws. We are not asking for your acceptance, we are not asking for your approval. We are asking for equal protection under the law.

As history has shown, we are right in our struggle, and we will be victorious. I make no predictions regarding the November vote; it is my sincere hope that love and understanding will overcome hostility and fear. But the outcome of this vote in no way changes the outcome of this struggle. Marriage WILL be legal for all consenting adult couples, and our country WILL be better for it.

I had an opportunity earlier this year to talk to folks gathering signatures for this referendum, and I left with an understanding that these aren't evil people who are opposing my rights.

In many cases, these are people who have grown afraid of a world that doesn't look much like the one they grew up in, and so when social changes are put before them they react in a way that tries to keep things as they've always been.

In some cases they feel that homosexuality is wrong, but I'm not going to change their mind on that by getting angry about it. Instead I try to be approachable, so folks can understand that there are far more things we agree on and have in common, and we don't need to let our differences divide us.

Vote NO on 1, and uphold our nation's tradition of inclusiveness, equality, and understanding.

Vote NO on 1, knowing the religious are protected by this good law, and all Maine families deserve the ability to marry.

Vote NO on 1, because the referendum doesn't even address the concerns of its supporters.

Vote NO on 1, in the hopes that we can move past these unnecessary barriers and confront the real problems of the world together.

Vote NO on 1, knowing that future generations of Mainers will take pride in how we again led the way to equality for all citizens."

Now to explain. You see, the state passed a law allowing same sex marriages. Shortly thereafter the religion nutjobs (and, unfortunately the Catholic Church was right at the forefront, scripture in hand,) decided we needed to get rid of it. So, enough signatures later, it's on the ballot and worded in the way all trick questions are. If you want to see the exact wording you can click on this link that'll take you to the .pdf page where the entire ballot is displayed - The question is the first one. That's the question. (This is the article from our local newspaper.)

I could go off on my own rant about this whole issue (technically I did way back when the religious nutjobs were trying and, sadly, defeated California's gay marriage bill. I read most of the comments until they became so stupid it was rotting my brain. Each side gave 'evidence' to their point (those wanting to vote no made the most sense, those wanting to vote yes misquoted the bible or hid behind theological rhetoric instead of giving concrete, non bigoted and just ideas.) In a nutshell the biggest thing was we shouldn't give 'special rights' to gays and that no one should have special rights (this also came up when the bill was being passed, I think, either that or during CA's problems, I can't remember which now.) I guess that means that we have to undo some amendments that have passed. How about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)? How about the little known Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974? Or what about all the Civil Rights acts? Go back a bit further and what about the Suffrage Movement? Aren't those special rights? Didn't we tell disabled people you have the special right to be treated as a human being? Didn't we tell the Vietnam vets that you have special rights to be rehired even if you fought in a war most people didn't agree with? Didn't we tell blacks that yes, you are special because you are equal with whites? Didn't we tell women that yes, you are equal to man and now have the special rights to vote?

I guess not. Those on the yes side seem to think that the above examples are not special rights but equal rights. They are equal rights but they are special rights too. Special rights are something not given to a group of people that suddenly they have access to. Equality is just one of the facets of it. But, most would rather hide under their bibles and believe that stories written a thousands of years ago, to a people who no longer exist, in a language that had to be discovered, cracked and finally given an equal context in our own language, with a society structure that no longer exists and think the world hasn't changed.

Then again, these are the same people who, apparently, got the board shut down for a while last night advocating violence against gays. (If you want to read about the incident they were supporting, you can go here.) Makes me wonder how the world has survived as long as it has. It really, really does.

It also makes me wonder when people will start to realize that organized religion and true faith are two different things and understand that hatred, racism, bigotry and other negative values have no place in the world. THEN maybe people will start getting along and we'll really see their version of heaven on earth?

Next post will be a generic one, not a soapbox one, I promise. Really, I do.

September 7th, 2009

Minor stuffage. @ 08:43 pm

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Well, mostly minor. Work, same. That'll never change until certain people are gone. Life here, same. Still hoping mum can get some income where I have more in bills than I do in income. Things are slowly getting rearranged housewise into a better and more organized fashion (currently we live in a state of organized chaos. Hopefully soon it'll be better organized chaos >.>)

Only real biggest stuff since my last post is I've calmed down from the earlier rar over WoW destroying Azeroth (though if the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are going to be destroyed and all zones reorganized because of Deathwing's breaking through the surface of the planet . . . why is Northrend going to be spared any destruction? Doesn't it seem logical that even there the destruction is felt?) Anyway, I'm not so against the changes even though I'd rather quest/grind the old way. If you want to change things, have it a separate game, then those who want old WoW can play that and those who want Armageddon can play that version. Now everyone's happy. (I mean Blizzard makes enough money they can set up more servers to handle that. Trust me.)

The other big thing is the fact that those of us who have formed the USS Don Aucoin went to the local TV station to help with the MDA Telethon. Well, in a nutshell they needed us from when we got there at 7 until about 2ish when Shaws Supermarket sent people to man the phones. We stayed until the end and then helped with clean up. Our Captain helped with food runs (places wouldn't donate like they used to so they had only donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch and some cookies/brownies for late afternoon/early evening) in between helping man the phones. I think he set me up because during one time on the phones one of the TV reporters came over and stuck the microphone in my face and asked me about where we were from, how the club got its name and a bit about my stepdad and his battle with muscular dystrophy. Surprisingly I talked, put in things that should have been said about people dealing with MD and those around them and how the money helped for services and equipment and all that jazz without my normal OMG I'M ON CAMERA >dies<. It was like another person spoke for me. No shyness, only one stumble over words, and I even joked with them. Something totally different from the normal shy person I am. (Answering phones is easy, I talk on a headset at work, I can talk on a phone and get a pledge. No biggie. But an interview is something MAJOR. Trust me.)

All in all it was good. They even let us in later in the day so one of their people could get shots of us with their camera and one of ours on the phones. I made sure to sit at phone #1 in case it rang. They hoped those of us who had manned the phones would sit at 1, 2 and 3 where those were the most likeliest to ring. Sure enough, before they could snap the picture my phone rang. So I answered it and filled out the slip, no problem. That was the only phone to ring. As we were leaving and one of the others were coming in to man a phone, #1 rang again. The biggest thing is anyone who watched it will know I basically said the USS Don Aucoin was Bangor's only Star Trek club and that was where we were from and later when they ran my stepdad's memorial piece (that left a few of us in tears or nearly in tears/moved by it at least) they mentioned us again. That and the Region 1 Fleet Captain is going to work personally with us about becoming our own ship, and that'll go through Starfleet's chain of command until their local processing department is removed from duty (because it's currently being run by the so called acting captain of the Kasimar) and all hell breaks loose on that. Of course, if anyone from the Kasimar saw the telethon, especially what I said, then all hell is going to start to break loose anyway. But, as our Captain said, who cares. They no longer want to uphold the constitution or follow the laws nor do they want to uphold what is listed on their website about doing stuff for the community then so be it. They can sit at the computer and do internet stuff or stuff for Starfleet and we'll do what should be done, and that's community service. I think the telethon was a good starting place for exposure for our club. Lots of people would have seen it and know that it was the Don Aucoin, not the Kasimar that was helping the telethon out. I specifically left the Kasimar out of it where this wasn't sanctioned by them and basically all communication from them has been cut off. Their captain won't respond to ours no matter how many times we try to contact him.

And yes, I have pictures of the event (taken both on my camera until I ran out of memory space - I hadn't cleaned the memory stick and was pretty full considering the over 300 pics I had taken at the fair plus all at the campout and all the other miscellaneous pics I had taken - I have it set so I can take over 600 shots, that's how full it was. So I resorted to my DSi for the rest.) We got a new member while we were there and met a lady from Region 1 (she's their Fleet Captain) who talked with us a lot about their club/region and about Starfleet (from where they get their region, our region is 15) as well as how we can take the Don Aucoin and become our own ship even with the Kasimar still in existence. Well, it exists for now, in a few months, probably not where the current acting Captain is trying to kill it and doing a pretty damned good job at it too.)

And I guess that's it. I'm still working on the helmet. I have pics of the last of the plastic canvas frame and the cloth I used for the inner part of the 'ears'. I am currently on the foaming stage but have no pics of that. Once I get the foam done I'll snap pics of it then upload and tag them and post it here. I decided that the only places I'll use that costume is for things like outside fairs/festivals, parades and conventions. Other than that I'll use my Star Trek uniform for convenience.

August 21st, 2009

Blizzard, why? @ 06:38 pm

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Pretty much, my main gripe is the changes to WoW with Cataclysm . . . Somehow I have a feeling I'm not really going to like the changes. It'll also mean all my characters on Borean Tundra (let alone those on Cairne) will lose a lot of their quests because those areas will no longer exist . . . It'll put an unfair advantage to the higher level toons who have all those quests under their belts to do all the new lower level quests to get the achievement for questing in the two kingdoms . . . And what about the Bloodsail Admiral title? You get that by being hated with Steamwheedle and neutral with the Bloodsail. Once the goblins go Horde, can the Horde get that achievement? I was waiting until I had 70's at minimum before starting that achievement . . . I don't think I'll have anyone high enough on Borean Tundra to do it. Cairne, I can take my Aztec where he's a 70 DK and I just might have to . . . The only thing, right now, I like are the worgen (but, then again, I like anthropomorphs anyway.) In a related note I was bad. I subscribed to the live stream of BlizzCon . . . Surprisingly there was little I really was interested in . . . but what there is is enough. Plus it's interesting to see what goes on. It's fun to do other stuffage on the net while listening to the talks. Makes for great multitasking >.>

There's also been some spammage on WoW, too. Moreso than the normal. Behind teh cut to keep the post size down. WoW it's spammage! )

Other than that, it's been hot. Really hot. I hate hot >.< They say it's the hottest week of the year and I believe them. Even the humidity and dew point have been high. But no storms. Last night we had a bit of rain. Right before I went for the bus we had a bit of rain. Now they say very bad storms going through with possible winds of 70mph, hail and a tornado or two . . .I am SO not looking forward to that . . .

Don't believe it? Here's proof.

Other than that, except for the fire department coming in with a tanker, lights and sirens a blazing into our parking lot yesterday (I did smell burning mulch but no one said boo about a fire or smoke or anything) only to leave a bit later (as well as the smell of burning mulch) so I guess either we had one one the other side of the building or the bank's money was just too hot to handle . . . I know, bad joke >.<

I bought a bus pass for next month. It'll be easier and cheaper. That way Saturdays I can make multiple runs and not have to pay each and every time I go or try to remember and get a transfer ticket.

August 13th, 2009

Minor Stuffage. @ 08:42 pm

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Well, not much has gone on but customers are continually proving how stupid they are. I had heard on Friday (but forgot about it by the time I got home) that I heard one of the managers talking to the store manager about how this customer came in to complain he wanted free food where he couldn't get the beanie baby happy meal box. He insisted he should get free food where he was paying for a box he wasn't getting. She tried to reason with him that you don't pay for the box and so she can't give him free food. Well, he takes her name down and she knew something big was going to happen. Monday I heard her talking with two other managers that apparently this kook called corporate and bitched them out for 12 minutes over her 'poor conduct' in not giving him free food for not getting a happy meal box . . . As she had said, she had no idea what he could have talked about for all that time since, no doubt, corporate would have stamped him a lunatic and hung up on him. Of course, if they were desperate to keep any business they could they would hear him out and try to reason with him. Anyone who bitches over not getting a happy meal box should be sent to a mental hospital, trust me.

Work has been great this week considering the store manager's on vacation. No problems (except for idiot customers) at all. The weather is looking good (humid which is going to be a breathing problem for me) but at least no rain/storms. Maybe finally we can dry out. As one of our regular customers said today, haying is going to be poor because of all the rain. He hoped he could get out once the field dried to at least get one batch of hay done. My mini garden is dying. I'm not going to get much in the way of produce, that's for sure. Hopefully next year will be better. At least I won't have the extra added expense of buying the pots, just the plants and any soil I want to add to the old soil for next year.

Tomorrow the crew from the TV station will be out to do their memorial piece for my stepdad to run on the local portion of the MDA telethon on Labor Day weekend. I managed to get out of work 2 hours early so I can be here when they do film. It's not going to be easy on anyone and as mum has joked, they'd better bring plenty of film because they're going to need it . . . that and a ton of editing.

I keep thinking there's more I wanted to say but, meh, I can't remember it now. Maybe later it'll come to me. Now it's time for bed.

August 9th, 2009

It's been a long weekend . . . @ 04:30 pm

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First off a couple three memes, two from friends and one I found on one of the sites.

Meme Time Nao. )
Now for the weekend. )

For pictures of the campout, please go here to see them.

Now to get rested and ready for work tomorrow . . . 4:30am is going to come too soon . . .especially with the threat of thunderstorms overnight.

August 3rd, 2009

Links Away ^^ @ 05:34 pm

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Well, I said I'd update soon but I decided to wait considering I knew there was a good chance I was going back to the Fair and would have more pics. Trust me. I have pics. Lots of them. And even one video . . .

First up the general stuffage. Right now I feel crappy but that's to be expected. I hate the fact I have at least 7 months until I can take a vacation again >.< I'll really be stir crazy by then. I didn't get all I wanted to do on my vacation but I did get a lot of needed stuff done, which is good. I decided not to rush my Forte costume for the camp out this weekend and I'll get it ready for a future event. Even though the Captain, who just showed up, said I should stop playing DS games and finish the costume before then. So, motivation to do it or just forget about it? We'll have to see because it needs to be completed by Friday, and that includes all construction, gluing as well as plastic and paint and I don't foresee me doing that within the next three days . . .

For those on my list who are with Tanjou. Good news is, I found my install disk for my scanner so I can put it on this comp . . . bad news is all the scans I've done are still on Axl which means taking the time to get him hooked back up again and try to find the folder without the aid of a backlight. Not going to be easy. I want to make one go at trying to get the rest of the stuff off of him. Right now it doesn't look like I'll get to that until at least weekend after next (considering next weekend is the campout and all this week I work late.) But, have no fear, I will get to scanning again. Hopefully sooner than later.

We've had a few storms go through, one bad enough I saw the lightning reflect off of mum as she went to go close a curtain (I was taking pics of the dark sky until loud thunder drove me inside >.<) and heard the crack out back right after it. She said she never saw the lighting but tasted weak sulfur on one side of her mouth. Definitely a very close call . . . And she was inside to boot >.<

Now for some random pics.

There was a miller on the wall so I stretched to get a pic of him/her. I liked the wing pattern. We also had a beautiful rainbow after one of the storms. I loved how it ended over the house. Hopefully it's a good sign that things will be on the upturn financially for us. We also had a frog join us and hang on the window for one night. He stayed quite a while. Sis even got a pic of the frog with a huge moth nearby. I also uploaded four more shots of my helmet construction for Forte.exe. Not much, just showing where I daringly used my glue gun to fix places I had messed up with stitching the sections at too sharp or too wrong an angle to make it uniform.

Fair was good. Friday was a literal washout considering it rained, sometimes heavy. There were some suspected rumbles of thunder that were confirmed by friends where they had the storm bad enough that it started their phones ringing for no reason >.< Sunday was better though it started to rain a bit toward the end, luckily after the last performance by the extreme world tour sponsored by We also saw the tiger exhibit (though it was touted as the Tigers of India exhibit the music they played before the performance was modern African . . . oh well, at least it sounded good.)

Fair pictures ho!

This is my pitiful attempt at splicing a vid together. Thanks to an innovative thought plus VirtualDubMod, I managed to take a bit better footage with my camera and record a voice message on my MP3 player and splice the two together to get audio to the video. However . . . my audio quality sucks. Period. Hopefully I can get a real camcorder in the near future and not have to worry about video/audio quality. I hope.

If you want better video footage, to go Digi's YouTube vids of the fair. Much better audio >nods nods<

In a nutshell things are rather depressive around here right now. Sis is leaving, coming back to only visit. She's packing her car now with what she can carry so she can leave tomorrow. Not that I begrudge her going back to help her family, but it's not easy on us here to see her leave knowing there is a 99% chance she is never coming back . . .

August 1st, 2009

WoW Hacked @ 01:57 pm

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Later today I'll do a regular post but I figured I'd share this. When I tried logging into I got this nice, white page with black lettering:

Myndflame Brings Us An Illegal Danish III Prelude!

How can something so familiar feel so foreign? The machinima makers at Myndflame recently released their latest World of Warcraft-themed movie, Illegal Danish III Prelude: The Ballad of Dirti G. If you’re a World of Warcraft player who feels something is missing from the StarCraft universe, the creators of the Illegal Danish series have sensed your internal disturbance, bringing you a hilariously off-kilter redux of the StarCraft II cinematic trailer, now with 100% more gnome action.

It’s about time!

Watch the Illegal Danish III parody side-by-side with the official StarCraft II cinematic trailer here.

Now I get to go and have the fun of running scans for keyloggers and stuff. So much for daring to log into anything. Only LJ and Dreamwidth I have it set so it automatically logs me in. IJ I don't where it's so hard to log out (well, last time I had to switch between my Shimmerwing and Quill of Life it was hard) which is why I'm glad I linked my IJ account to Dreamwidth ^^ At least I can post it there until I feel safe logging into sites.

Ironically, every other page on WoW's site works, all you need to do is bypass their start page. I looked around the forums but no mention of it yet >sighs<

Oh well, here's to scanning for bugs.

Eddito: I looked up Myndflame and they're a big machinma addict and all over the place. All scans came up clear so I'm assuming they only hacked the homepage of WoW to boost their ego (because they could do it) as well as to promote their machinma . . . and quite possibly get banned from WoW as well as other legal actions for hacking and defacing a website, especially one as popular as WoW is.

July 14th, 2009

Oh wow, look at the time . . . @ 05:32 am

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Mostly because I got so involved working on Forte's helmet I took my mind off of things and wasn't tired. Now that I've stopped I'm ready to drop. So this post and I'm off to sleepytime. Pretty much things have been quiet. Some rumblings with friends (that might explode into a raging volcano but that has yet to be seen.) My Forte helmet's nearly complete (at least the shell is.)

As you can see, it's coming along quite nicely. When I add the foam layer I can smooth out all the blemishes, this is just to give it depth and stability (and I bet it's going to be heavy when I get it done, despite using lighter materials.) Don't mind the mess, no one has really moved much of Fuzzy's stuff from his comp area so it still looks mostly like it did when he was still here.

Other than that, loving not having to go to work. Sad I'll miss Otakon. Hoping the weather stays nice so I don't have to stay inside due to rain. Hoping mum can get a job soon (and sis, too) so we can get some extra income in.

June 20th, 2009

Sadnes @ 10:42 pm

Thanks to everyone who has given me their condolences (on LJ where no one on IJ/Dreamwidth would know). I'd thank everyone personally but you know who you are >hugs you all< At least he didn't suffer and went quickly, I guess that's all we can ask. However, past the grieving, half my monthly income was taking care of my stepdad so that means I now make half of what I did. And things were tight before they're very, VERY tight now. I had to skip PortCon and I have my room for Otakon up for grabs (I posted in the Otakon community on LJ).

Other than that, not much. Work still sucks, mum's going to have to go to work and hopefully make as much as I am now to help with bills/food/ect. I had on Friday resolved exactly what to do with half the money I make (meaning the Friday before my stepdad passed away) and things were feeling good and looking up (I should have known something would happen. Whenever things start feeling good and looking up, something bad happens) and I was all prepared for a three year plan to save money and by 2013 go back to Otakon in style. Now . . . I have no idea if I'll be doing more than just paying bills and never get a chance to go back down. PortCon, yeah, that's cheap and close, but it's not the same.

So yeah . . . just keep praying (or whatever you want to do, just no hexes, please) not only that I can get enough money to keep this house going but also for everyone here who's still grieving.

Rest in peace, Fuzzy, you will be missed.


March 27th, 2009

The day in briefs >.> @ 10:31 pm

Ish Currently~: drained

Heisted from atrypical

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. So here is the game! Hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! Then tag your friends. I tag whoever wants to do this. No obligation needed.

Song List. )

First some translating help. I have the following line that stumps me. I think I have it fairly well figured out but I want a second opinion. てはのそみとおり What I need is to know what it means and how the words are broken up. The second one is いう . . の. . に . . . . . (yes, broken up like that as it was his last, dying words.)

Well, work called this morning. Turns out the opening manager heard two different stories about why I wasn't at work today. Once she learned the truth she was very upset and moved. I did tell her I would at least try to open (because we severely need openers) even if I couldn't work the whole day. She said to let the store manager know over the weekend if anything changed. Naturally, when I explained it all out I broke down again. I knew any thought today would set me off and, yep, I was right.

So, this is how the rest of the day went. RP'd, watched in amazement as X8 was played (considering I suck at that game) and finished my proof of X1 - and not in that order, either. Oh, and entertained the cat too. Mum called and, aside from Hospice deciding that the best course was to prep my stepdad for dying, he's doing ok. Mentally not so much considering how negative Hospice was and decided that my stepdad should accept death and not fear it instead of looking on the bright side and trying to live the rest of his life to its fullest. Mum did say a few other specialists (I think, I'm tired and not all that coherent right now - which also means please forgive any spelling errors) were trying to undo the damage Hospice has done. They didn't realize it would be Hospice coming in considering the last time we dealt with someone from there they basically told my grandmother she would never walk again and basically to accept the fact she was dying. She gave up after that and slipped into a coma . . .

Other than that, I haven't done much. Tomorrow's going to be a full day @.@ I probably will head to bed right after I post considering how tired I am.

March 26th, 2009

meh @ 11:09 pm

Well, in a nutshell, the navy brat was just that and pissed several workers off. I managed to almost finish my proof of X1 finding more errors. And I ended up getting a call from mum basically saying that no matter what, my stepdad has about 4 months, if that, to live. Seems the meds he's taken all his life are destroying his kidneys but if they give him a blood transfusion to clean them out of his system his heart won't take it. So, it's either finish destroying his heart or finish destroying his kidneys. Either way you look at it, it's not good. Hence my earlier cry session and calling out of work tomorrow. It's not going to be easy but we're going to have to go see him. No doubt I'll break down again then considering I want to cry as I type this (and the call was at 4:30ish pm and here it is going on 11:30ish pm.) Surprisingly, even though it was the navy brat who answered, he did seem kinda concerned when I called out and told me to take as much time as I needed, probably because my voice broke and I started crying again.

So yeah, life sucks.


March 25th, 2009

Stuffage @ 09:40 pm

Jamming to~: John Fogerty - Swamp River Days

Basically works been the same. Good when certain managers aren't there, bad when they are (worse when both are there at the same time.) Ended up with a severe asthma attack about 15 minutes before work got out due to a worker (and now I know who and when I confronted her without directly saying it it went right over her head) drowning themselves in perfume (rose, very nice, but only in small doses). I managed to live, somehow. My lungs are still bothering me, though, even this late at night. Not good and not good for sleeping, no doubt.

Fuzzy's still in the hospital, this time a different one because they have the capability of running more scans. Maybe he'll have dialysis done, maybe not, they're not sure. They want to keep him there until his bronchitis is over. Smart move.

I'm going back over and self proofing my X1 script and lo' and behold, errors. Either I missed a kana, had a wrong one, or had the wrong romaji for the kana >.< So, as before HALP!!! ぶっつぶしてくれ just won't translate correctly. And (even though I know what it is I can't remember it or find which book I found it in) nda at the end of a word, exactly what context does it give said word (the example word is しかないんだ, and one I had left the shi off of the beginning >.< way to go me.)

Past that, not much else. Started working on Soul Eraser, crashed and burned twice, will restart on the weekend (or whenever I get X1, X2 AND Cyber Mission reproofed (or in the case of Cyber Mission translated and reproofed) I have the Japanese run through of X3 and part of X4 for both X and Zero. Now I just need the English run through and I'll be set for a complete script. Those to come later. I also beat the DVD player and VCR into submission. Both work without complicated cord changes. HOWEVER, I can no longer tape VHS tapes to comp unless the TV is on an off station (meaning on 3 instead of 4 where the sets are set, or vice versa, I forget which one I left it on) where I have old tapes from 1997/1998 that need saving (old camcorder stuffage). I did, however, get my PS2 to working and actually FINISHED Sigma Stage 1 on X2 WITHOUT dying (except once at Violen because I forgot his weakness weapon _-_;;)

Tomorrow, not much time for anything where I'll have about 2 hours when I get home to get ready for Friday. Friday on I'll have more time. Might tweak the sets a bit more, probably will just work on getting the scripts done and then up. I really want to finish the novelization of X1 and 2 (at least those two for now) considering I used those two games for my NaNo way back in '06 and it's about damned time I finished them >.<)

Guess that's about it for now. Will update . . . whenever (probably next time I need translation help >.<)

March 21st, 2009

Update time @ 08:01 pm

Well. I guess time for an update. Fuzzy went back to the hospital for reasons I won't go into detail here (sensitive issue, I guess you could say) but he's back now and little the worse for wear.

As for me, while he was gone I cranked up my music so I could hear my laptop from the bedroom (good thing we have only one floor) and hammered up a shelving system I've been meaning to do and finally took out of their clamshells what I had for seasons 5, 6 and the sole for 7 of my dragons collection from a couple years ago from McFarlaine. I also put in a bit of writing, yes, writing. I actually started to write. Go me. However, it didn't go that far as it keeps telling me to rewrite and rework the whole scenario to get up to what I've already gotten done >.< Oh well, at least it's a start. I do have some muses rumbling, both for the Rockman universe as well as, surprisingly enough, Zoids. Past that all I've been doing is haunting Youtube for complete playthroughs of Rockman X3 and 4 (script fodder.) I did find something interesting. Apparently Mark Gatha quit Ocean Group to become a doctor, so no more X voice from him (he also did Irvine's voice on Zoids as well.) I wonder, if they ever do make another X game, who will do the voice and will he do just as good. On a similar note, Lucas Gilbertson, apparently, has his own Youtube channel with his redub of the infamous X4 scene (that everyone reading this probably already knows) as well as his own website and Deviantart page. Kinda interesting.

Short of that, not much else. Work's normal. Had 40 paid hours and, with what I worked over minus what I was late from breaks makes me a hair over 40 hours. Apparently because of the Recovery Act they're by law required to take LESS out than they had last year, meaning a larger pay check. But, if one stops and thinks, yes, I will have more capital on hand now but come tax time next year I'll owe on everything they DIDN'T take out, hence a higher tax bracket without really earning any more. NOW you know how the government plans on repaying all the money they've sunk into the economy. Hitting the taxpayers harder next tax time while making them think they're getting more money.

Just means I need to save up more to pay it all back next April.

Lastly, Quill of Life on IJ had an overhaul so it looks more like my regular journal. Over the next week or so I'll be changing the background, color scheme (maybe) and other tweaks. I did add a future dated post as a sort of table of contents in case someone wanted to quickly see what I had and jump to that post. Eventually, once I get IJ tweaked to perfection, I'll do the same to Quill of Life on LJ.


March 9th, 2009

Blah @ 07:57 pm

Ish Currently~: annoyed

Well, it started when I got up this morning. Decided to sacrifice a half hour sleeping in my chair to rest in the bed. Then spent the next half hour sleeping in my chair. That's what I get for a time change and sitting up later than I should of when I open the next morning. I'm doing good getting myself up and not being late. Fuzzy's back on the hospital. Turns out his potassium/sodium inbalance is from his meds. Turns out he's been on them for so long they're no longer effective. Hospital wanted to send him to Boston but where he can't travel they're working by remote with them to get new meds and doses so, until then he's stuck in the hospital and I'm home alone >.>

No, I haven't caused trouble yet. But it means I lose money while he's in the hospital.

So as for today. I got dressed, stood by the door, waiting to be picked up. Lo and behold I see a huge thing go loping up the road then back down (and they followed the rule of the road and went on the correct side for traffic oO) and go loping into the community center parking lot and around their main lot. I was like OO SKUNK!!! It was bigger than my cat !!! And here I had to go out, cross patches of ice (yes, melting runoff does freeze and with no sand it's kinda slippery at that time in the morning and muddy when I get home from work.) Well, quarter of 4 and nothing so I called work. Turns out the person who was going to bring me in called out. So after finally getting it through the opening manager's head that I needed a ride or I couldn't come to work until the first bus which would be 6, still dark and braving a skunk (had I gotten sprayed I would have been forced to call out anyway) she said she'd send the only other person who knows where I live and has a car. 4am arrived and nothing. I just gave up knowing I'd be late. So finally she comes and we get to work 10 minutes late so both of us are behind (she opened grill, I opened front) got most of it done, which was a miracle. I felt icky this morning and most of today, too. The opening manager was a bitch, the store manager was a bitch, customers were a bitch . . . I think you get the point. So, needless to say, by the time I left I was ready to quit (which I can't) and say to hell with it all.

The good news is, I cooked all the meat I'll be taking this week save the fish for Friday, cleaned the dishes and actually got the chicken marinating and the waxed beans in the dish they'll be going to work in, my fruit out and ready to be drained and fixed tomorrow morning ^^ I'm actually ahead of the game for once. Just got to feed the fish and tend to the rabbits and life will be good.

Past that I don't think too much. Where Fuzzy's not around for us to level our characters on WoW together I've been working on other Hunters (because druids, rogues and shammy's have a harder time taking on mobs their level without back up . . .either that or I just suck at low level toons). I guess I could work on the rogue, they're not too bad. And maybe my druid, but the shammy, not until I have help. So one troll has a dragonhawk, the other has a bat and the tauren has Mazzeranche (or however his name is spelled). Since the change to the pet talents those three have been working pretty good, though I don't like the 1 minute cool down on the sonic blast for the bats nor the fact that the stun lasts only 2 seconds and they have a 20 yard range so by the time they use it the stun has worn off before they can get a hit in >.< I hope spending points in the bat's talent tree does something or I'm dropping him for something else when I get higher (like Echeeyake (or however it's spelled) or Humar (I'm a sucker for rares.)

I guess I'll end there. Maybe an update tomorrow, maybe not. I'll update/check my journals as I feel like it.

March 7th, 2009

Been a while @ 12:29 am

Ish Currently~: blah

Not much to report. Work is still hell. Good workers quitting over three managers. The higher ups (not corporate but still higher than the owner) won't do a thing which is sad.

Major news is that on New Year's Eve I found out my battery had died and thus had to scramble to get to work. Since then the problem has, with neighborly and friendly help, been narrowed down to the computer chip (that has a glitch anyways in it that'll trigger the ABS light for no reason, but Ford knows about it because they're the only ones with a system to scan the chip and reset it) or it's in the wiring. If it's the chip and it can be reset, fine, I have a van back. If it's the wiring and it's a minor fix, fine, I have the van back. If the chip needs to be replaced completely or it's going to be major surgery then I might not have the van back. Drained batteries because the lights refuse to go out or flicker and fry isn't a good thing.

Been playing WoW for the most part (as usual). My DK is now 70 and on hold. I've been working on new ones on Borean Tundra. So far I have 6 Hordies with all but one profession so I can switch items between toons without having to find someone else to do it (save enchanting if I get a BoP I want enchanted.) So all of my toons are sending my tailor cloth at the expense of leveling their first aid (at one point, and mostly from the first one, he ended up with 120 pieces of linen to make bolts. I just set him up making it and went to get supper >.>) I joke about the current one I'm using because of his name. I just call him my Aztec (because that's the root of his name.) He's a male Tauren Hunter with Mazzeranche (and I know I'm misspelling it) who recently joined a guild (I usually don't join guilds.) They want active players so probably he'll get booted. No loss on my end. Though they do plan on raiding (if they're thinking PvP raiding maybe not but if it's instance raiding I'll need a group) and end game content (though right now the highest is a new joined person at 27 (I think) and the owner at 22. My guy is only 14. I planned on leveling each one up at the same rate (as in one area before moving to the next.) I still need my shaman to be brought into the world and stop with my Aztec who's already covered Mulgore and almost all of Durotar by now. I need to work on the druid, rogue and other hunter. I keep forgetting that Borean is still so new that you can't create a DK unless you have a 55 ON that realm. I wondered why it wouldn't let me create one (I wanted a female troll where I already have a male tauren DK) Going to take a while to get one up to 55 if I keep on the scheduled plan (playing as much as I have I realize you need all the professions (inscription aside) to play. You need better armor (unless you raid for gear), weapons, parts, ect that you can't get but from another player (like the mithril casing for a quest in Un'Goro that only engineers can make, or another quest my DK is stuck at because of a lack of an engineer to make the unstable triggers and hi-explosive bombs (and me with no mats).) That and I think the tranquil mechanical yetis are too overpriced >.>

Well, enough WoW ranting. I really should get to bed. Don't want to sleep tomorrow away. Got lots of things to do (like get a book shelf moved, my black shelving out, and my spare 10 gallon tank and two 2.5 gallon tanks cleaned and cycling so I can get a new home for two bettas I picked up plus move the herd of fancy guppies and mollies (plus one neon) so I can reset the old tank into its new spot and then separate the herd (there are three fancy guppies who need to learn birth control. Trust me.)

Decided to finally finish (around switching things around, WoW and work) tweaking the X1 script and the X1 fic (that's been sitting there since 2006 . . . ) Since I don't see much of my script beta to know how work's coming on critiquing my translating skills I probably will just toss up what I have and if anyone else wants to cut it to shreds they can. I'll do that when I put up the fic (which should be done, oh, sometime XP) and then off to the beta . . . maybe . . . I hope . . . (Beta anyone?)

Guess that's about it. Long post for nothing going on.

December 20th, 2008

Rambling stuffage and meme @ 08:40 pm

Jamming to~: Xmas music from Fuzzy's comp

Let's see. Not much has gone on. Work still sucks. At least this past week the opening manager was on vacation and the store manager was mostly absent. Had a visit by the area and regional manager because of the cafe. Was an easy visit even though some wanted to make it stressful. Been ball busting cold recently. Supposed to be that way over the weekend. They're saying a Nor'Easter Sunday/Monday. I hope not (in a way) where I open. Was called this morning by the store manager wanting me to stay until 1 on Monday. I said yes. Can use the other 3 hours (I was out originally at 10 and if the weather's as bad as they predict I'll be out before 10 (FIFO - First In First Out.) We're closed Thurs (only two days we close, Thanksgiving and Christmas.) I work 7-4 on Friday so it means a fairly early lunch on Christmas. Still don't have the tree up. Hopefully will get it up over the weekend. Let's see. Craft show was pretty good on Saturday. Sunday was pretty dead. Everyone commented on how poor sales were. Have the schedule for next year. The double shows in Nov and Dec are going to be 8 instead of 9 to start which is a change. Not sure if it's because of the mall changing hours or because he wants to make sure everyone's set up before the show opens >shrugs< Anyway, it'll be a longer day (8-9 instead of 9-9 AM to PM, that is, on Saturday, Sunday'll be 8-5 instead of 9-5.) Gotta start working on Valentine, St. Patrick's and Easter candy start of January. I figure take the rest of this month off. Was going to do NaNoFiMo but with the return of a few plotbunnies and muses that's shot out of the water. But, even if I don't get my BMFM fic finished before the end of the year, I should get it finished by mid next year. Even though I had a lot plotted out chapter wise, a lot more will be added thanks to a plotbunny and a muse agreeing (I was surprised when Mari-muse agreed to something) to the changes. Gotta be a first with my muses. Usually they run screaming when I think of something. Now if I can get the two plotbunnies to agree and let me run with a third and not try to gum up the works I might be able to work a bit of magic ^^ I hope.

Well, that was one mashed up post. Oh, and I has a new icon. I made it (was wanting one but finally found a good scene to cap it) for a post specifically. I deleted a LOT of the icons I had on LJ (for those reading this on IJ I still have all the icons there) due to the 6 limit for free accounts.

Bonus points if you guess who that is or what show it's from.

And lastly a meme from digi.

Behind teh cut. )

December 8th, 2008

Xmas list and random stuffage @ 07:22 pm

Ish Currently~: cold
Jamming to~: Xmas music and WoW music from Fuzzy's comp

Well, they always say better late than never so here goes. Heisted from many, no names because I'd probably leave someone out and I'm not about to snub anyone so just a generic heist this time.

Christmas list thingy )

So that's it. I guess if those are out of your reach, just a good fic (*coughyaoicough*) will do. You know my fandoms. Or anything else will do ^^

If you want a card, let me know. Hopefully I'll make it to the post office (depending) by the Monday before Christmas. Yeah, late but that's me. Better late than never >.<

Other than that, not much. Work is hell, though not too bad. Tolerable. It was funny today, it was 12* with a windchill of 6 when I left for work. When I got home it was 13* (never did check the windchill but the wind was still blowing quite hard from the WNW.) We lost the cafe screen, had to reboot DT several times, and other fun stuffage. Finally found the problem. A loose cable down on DT. Oh well. Cash was cold, as those of us who had to work it can attest. I started and ended my shift down there. Only good thing was, they finally got the heater fixed so we have heat on cash. I was surprised they'd actually spend money to do that. I feel somewhat crappy so I think I might be coming down with a cold >.<

Went to GameStop Saturday to order through them the collectors edition of WotLK. They told me (one of the two managers) that it's no longer available online and the only place I can get it now was to pay $200 and get it from Ebay. Well. I didn't fight with them, went home and logged onto and ordered it. Got word today it's shipped. So, by the start of the Feast of Winter's Veil, I should have WotLK in hand. It'll be good because that Monday I took off from work considering I have a Sat/Sun craft show and I'll be too wasted to work Monday. It'll give me time Monday (if it arrives, that is) to install it in the morning and then have fun the rest of the day.

Going back a bit further. On Thursday we had our work party. I was told to be there or else by the opening manager. I did go (they actually let me go a half hour early so I could get there. I was one of the first few, except for the other morning people who had already gotten out of work, to be there. I even stayed and was one of the last to leave, helping clean up, take leftovers to other people's cars and making sure the lights were off, no one was locked inside and the outer doors were locked. For my Xmas gift I ended up selecting a sugar cookie kit with a cute cardboard gingerbread house it's in with (it said) three cookie cutters, the works as well as a rubber spatula on the outside. Not bad. Everyone who knows I craft said it was perfect for me. I didn't win any other prizes, but that's ok. I didn't even get the attitude award I figured I'd get. I did get my 12 year pin. It's a nice emerald green. I was surprised (and this was why the opening manager, after the party, said she'd kill me if I didn't show up) was because I was selected as crew person of the year. I figured with my being late getting to work and coming back from break, my minor skirmishes with the managers and everything else I'd never get it. But I did. I was surprised, to say the least.

So, that's the biggest thing. Still making candy, still playing WoW to break up the monotony of making so much candy (can we say burn out?) and just trying to survive everything else. I decided to do NaNoFiMo, an unofficial offshoot of NaNoWriMo where you write 30k in a month and finish your fic. I figured I'd start around the time WotLK comes in and divide my time between WoW and finishing my BMFM fic before the year is out. I've already decided to cut out the current Ch 10 and completely rewrite it. Other pieces fell into place today and Mari-muse is gnashing her teeth wanting blood. Better humor her before she really gets rowdy on me . . .